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  • Ann Greenberg

    Founder: ION, Gracenote, Sceneplay, Entertainment AI™ & Hugging Company.

    Ann Greenberg is a digital media pioneer who has significantly advanced the democratization of media with her work as an entrepreneur, inventor and thought leader. Ann's passion for empowering audiences through new forms of interactive entertainment has shaped her entrepreneurial endeavors and inventions.


    In 1998, Ann co-founded Gracenote, the leading entertainment data company in the world. Gracenote connects millions of people to the content they love and handles billions of data requests daily for leading consumer electronic, software and automotive companies. In 2016, Nielsen purchased Gracenote for $560M and adopted Gracenote IDs as the standard content identifier across its audience measurement solutions.


    At her new company, Sceneplay, (DBA Entertainment AI™) Ann is building a cloud-based collaborative storytelling platform that automates and virtualizes media creation, allowing anyone (humans, animations, robots, avatars) to participate. Announcements coming soon!


    Ann also runs the Hugging Company, an incubator for Blockchain and immersive technologies providing cutting edge solutions for diverse industries.


    Ann serves on the Mixed Reality Committee for the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. Ann participates in the Innovation 4 Jobs (i4j) think tank, and she also mentors Korean accelerator SparkLabs. Sample startups, include Busby.io, Fem-Inc. (Prizma), MangoPlate (Korea's Yelp), and the first shoot and share 360°app from Spherical, Inc. (TourWrist.) Ann designed the original immersive story-mapping concepts for a documentary about a tribe of Jews living in Ghana, West Africa and she produced hip-hop artist Blaqstarr’s SongPano (Ann's concept for immersive album covers) for Interscope.


    In 1992, Ann co-founded ION a pioneering digital studio to create “omnidirectional, interactive and immersive entertainment” which invented and patented early interactive cinema systems, enhanced CD formats and groundbreaking intelligent media players. ION partnered with BMG and published cutting edge work for artists including: David Bowie, Brian Eno, The Residents, Todd Rundgren and Primus. Clients included: Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Macromedia, Phillips, Interscope, Disney and House of Blues. Other projects included “Robecca a Digital Frankenstein” built from collective memory, “Digital Dante” and Ray Zone’s 3DWorld. Ann pioneered celebrity hosted chats and playlists, and worked on early Internet broadcasts for major brands.


    Prior to founding ION, Ann headed marketing for Academy Award-winning Pressman Films.


    Ann is a dynamic speaker. Sample conferences include: CES, NAB, SXSW, AWE, Cognizant Community, Digital Hollywood, Sundance, SMPTE + Stanford's Computer Vision Summit and Stanford’s Future of Entertainment Conference.

    Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Digital Media, Participatory Storytelling, Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Models, Immersion, VR, AR, MR, AI, Entertainment Technology, Interactive Cinema, Metadata, Blockchain Technology, Spatial Computing, Computer Vision, Intellectual Property Development, Marketing and Business Development, Women in Technology, Innovation, Futurism. Public Speaking.

  • Companies

    I start companies to house the products and experiences I want to build.

    Entertainment AI™

    Infinite Story™

    Entertainment AI™ is currently in stealth mode.


    Connected Narrative™

    Sceneplay is a cloud-based collaborative storytelling platform, that crowdsources scripted-content. Sceneplay's patented platform enables users to perform together in scenes along with their friends and favorite creators, or even avatars and robots! Sceneplay utilizes ground-breaking Micro-Metadata to create SmartScripts™ to make stories intelligent and accessible via a API. Now creators can use SmartScripts to output Smart Content and scale their stories like technology. At the same time anyone can be a creator. Sceneplay empowers the audience to participate deeply inside of the content they love.


    Hugging Company™

    Embrace Powerful Ideas™

    HugCo™ is a venture incubator and consultancy for Blockchain technologies and VR/AR companies, platforms and projects. HugCo™ believes that new forms of storytelling require new platforms to achieve their highest potential. HugCo™ partners with best in breed content and context developers to continually push the boundaries of what is possible.


    The world's largest entertainment data company.

    and Ann co-founded Gracenote in 1998. Gracenote was built using the designs and inventions originated at Ann's first company, ION. Combined with CDDB, Gracenote has become the largest supplier of Automatic Content Recognition and metadata services in the world. The company handles billions of requests for data a day and is embedded in every major technology company's media offerings and over 100 million automobiles. Sample licensees include: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Mercedes, Ford, Honda, Huyndai, BMW. Ann served as SVP Business & Marketing as well as being the inventor of the companies foundational patents. She headed IP development and pioneered the companies ground breaking business models (earliest crowdsourced company, early SAAS and distributed component models, early embedded chip applications) Other offerings she spearheaded included establishing the Label Certification Program, The Silicon CD Award (Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears, Korn, Kid Rock, Jonathan Davies), the CDDB Digital Music Charts (with Billboard Magazine,) the first MP3 only album (Reeves Gabrels - Ulysses - Della Notte.) A proponent of online privacy, Ann also ensured that Gracenote's products complied with all of the EFF's published standards to protect user privacy. Gracenote was recently purchased by Nielsen for $560M..


    Digital studio and publisher of cutting edge experiences.

    In 1992, Ann co-founded ION as the studio of the future for omnidirectional, interactive and immersive entertainment. ION became known as the 1st interactive music label when it's first product was an interactive cinema system posing as music-video machine for David Bowie. A Joint Venture with BMG, ION created and published work with David Bowie, Brian Eno, The Residents, Todd Rundgren, Primus and many others. Working with Sony, Philips, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, the RIAA and Apple, ION created the Enhanced CD and its standards. Ann pioneered the first celebrity hosted chats, celebrity playlists and helped with early m-bone broadcasts of live concerts. She patented groundbreaking interactive cinema systems (branching and non-branching) and produced award winning products that pushed the limits of 3D computer technology and immersion. Other projects included "a person remembered collaboratively," Robecca the Digital Frankenstein and Immersive Digital Dante.




    Listening Speaks Volumes™

    Fanpulse believes that data has a point of view and can tell a story. Fanpulse enables brands to listen to the pulse of the fan, across music, movies, television, books and sports.

    Doing Jewish: A Story From Ghana (2016)

    Documentary and digital companion.

    Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana, is an exploration of the background and day to day lives of the Jews of Sewfi Wiawso. At the same time, it shows the importance of connections, as we see the Sefwis try to reach out to other Jews worldwide and witness their ongoing struggle for acceptance and growth. Ann was the original Transmedia producer, and originated the designs for an immersive storymapping treatment for the digital companion to the documentary. She also served as the film's associate producer. Director: Gabrielle Zilkha

  • Advising & Mentoring

    All things digital, immersive and data driven!


    The YouTube of Virtual Tours

    Sphere (formerly known as TourWrist) was a groundbreaking shoot and share 360 panoramic photography app and platform. The easy to use app was available for both Apple iOS and Android and garnered many awards and recognition. In 2012 TourWrist won BOTH awards at DEMO, which has only happened 3 times in 24 years! Sample companies that Sphere worked with were American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, Interscope Revolution Places and Miraval. Ann pioneered a new concept for the future of the album cover, and worked with Blackstarr producer Joey Black and Interscope to produce the world's first SongPano, where all album art was shot using 360 pano and synchronized with music. Sphere lives on inside Google StreetViews, BusinessViews and PhotoSphere.


    Leading technology innovation through media, entertainment, and social change.

    FEM inc. is a media technology company that delivers engaging, relevant video experiences for any website or app. We deliver high performing content recommendations to your diverse audience, which means more video views and more revenue for you.


    Easy to implement and completely scalable, FEM inc. delivers engaging, quality content where every view counts.


    A Linkedin-for entertainment professionals

    Busby is an invitation-only social network where entertainment & media professionals showcase, connect and flourish.


    Korea's Yelp!

    Based in Seoul, South Korea, MangoPlate is a mobile application for users to find personalized dining recommendations. Notable funders: SparkLabs, Softbank Ventures Korea, Qualcomm.


    Korea's first accelerator!

    SparkLabs’ mission is to help our startups succeed globally, more specifically to secure the next round of funding. SparkLabs helps startups attract not only Korean investors, but also prominent global investors. SparkLabs provides a 3-month accelerator program for seed to early-stage startups that have the potential to expand globally.

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  • Ann's speaking engagements

    Ann speaks about the future of entertainment, including Blockchain, AI, AR/VR/MR, Dynamic Content Creation and Entrepreneurship.

    SxSW 2016 "Writer's Blockchain: Full Stack Storytelling"

    Ann Greenberg, Robert Scoble, Will Kendall

    In this ground breaking panel we explored the future of media automation, decentralization and dynamic co-creation.

    Cognizant Community: Blockchain

    Ann Greenberg, Lynne LaCascia, Andrew,

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    SxSW 2017 "Beyond Fintech: Blockchain for Every Industry"

    Ann Greenberg, Monique J Morrow, Lynne LaCascia,

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    Music Conference 2016 - Blockchain for Media

    Ann Greenberg, Benji Rogers, Cortney Harding

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    ShowBizAI 2017 "The Audience Is the Artist"

    Ann Greenberg

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    Digital Hollywood: BroadCasting without Boarders

    Ann Greenberg

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    Ann Greenberg

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