• Ann Greenberg

    Entrepreneur, Innovator, Digital Media Pioneer.

  • Ann Greenberg

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    Ann Greenberg is a digital media pioneer who has significantly advanced the democratization of media with her work as an entrepreneur, inventor and thought leader. Ann's passion for empowering audiences through new forms of interactive entertainment has shaped her entrepreneurial endeavors and inventions.


    At her company, Entertainment A.I. ™ Ann is merging machine and human creativity to engage a new generation. The company's patented platform automates media creation, enabling smart content that changes based on who you are, and gets all participants paid. The company does what Ann calls "Human-Centered Storytelling™" to enable new kinds of meaning, so we can have new kinds of thinking.


    In 1998, Ann co-founded the leading entertainment data company in the world, Gracenote. Gracenote was the first crowdsourced company and a precursor to Blockchain. Gracenote connects people to the content they love and handles billions of data requests daily for leading consumer electronics, software, and automotive companies. In 2017, Nielsen purchased Gracenote and adopted Gracenote I.D.s as the standard content identifier across its audience measurement solutions.


    A longtime proponent of Self-Sovereign Digital Identity, Ann would not launch Gracenote until it had privacy protections in place. Ann recently formed the Media and Entertainment Digital Identity Association (M.E.D.I.A.) to help surface issues and solutions unique to these industries.


    Ann is a contributor to the book, The Humanized Internet: Dignity, Digital Identity, and Democracy. Ann's essay is entitled Human-Centered Storytelling™ series.


    Ann is a member of the Extended Reality Committee for the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. Ann participates in the Innovation 4 Jobs (i4j) think tank; helps organize Women In Blockchain Los Angeles, E.O.S. Los Angeles Meetup, is a member of Women of A.I., mentors Korean accelerator SparkLabs, and SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain Accelerator; and advises select startups. Ann designed the original immersive story-mapping concepts for a documentary about a tribe of Jews living in Ghana, West Africa. She also produced hip-hop artist Blaqstarr's SongPano (Ann's concept for immersive album covers) for Interscope.


    In 1992, Ann co-founded ION, a pioneering digital studio to do "omnidirectional, interactive, and immersive entertainment, for co-creation," which invented and patented early interactive cinema systems, enhanced CD formats, and groundbreaking intelligent media players. ION partnered with B.M.G. and published cutting-edge work for artists including David Bowie, Brian Eno, The Residents, Todd Rundgren and Primus. Clients included: Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Macromedia, Phillips, Interscope, Disney, and House of Blues. Other projects included early virtual human "Robecca, the Digital Frankenstein" built from collective memory, "Digital Dante," and Ray Zone's 3DWorld. Ann pioneered celebrity-hosted chats and playlists and worked on early Internet broadcasts for major brands, including House of Blues, and the first Internet broadcast from Jazz Fest in New Orleans.


    Before co-founding ION, Ann headed marketing for Academy Award-winning Pressman Films.


    Ann is a dynamic speaker. Sample conferences include United Nations' A.I. for Good Conference, United Nations' Blockchain For Impact Summit (AI Panel), Consumer Electronics Show, National Association of Broadcasters, South by Southwest, Augmented World Expo, Future of Blockchain, Crypto Invest Summit, V.R.L.A., VR On the Lot, Cognizant Community, Mondo NY, Monage (Computer History Museum), AIShowBiz, Digital Hollywood, Sundance, S.M.P.T.E. + Stanford Computer Vision Summit, and Stanford's Future of Entertainment.

    Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Digital Media, Participatory Storytelling, Crowdsourcing, Collaborative Models, Immersion, V.R., AR, A.I., Entertainment Technology, Interactive Cinema, Blockchain Technology, Spatial Computing, Computer Vision, Intellectual Property Development, Marketing, and Business Development, Women in Technology, Innovation, Futurism, Public Speaking.