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    Sphere (TourWrist)

    The YouTube of Virtual Tours

    Sphere was a groundbreaking shoot and share 360 panoramic photography app and platform. The easy to use app was available for both Apple iOS and Android and garnered many awards and recognition. In 2012 TourWrist won BOTH awards at DEMO, which has only happened 3 times in 27 years!


    Sample companies that Sphere worked with were American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, Interscope, Revolution Places, and Miraval.


    Ann pioneered a new concept for the future of the album cover, and worked with Blackstarr producer Joey Black and Interscope to produce the world's first SongPano, where all album art was shot using 360 pano and synchronized with music. Sphere lives on inside Google StreetViews, BusinessViews and PhotoSphere.

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    Leading technology innovation through media, entertainment, and social change.

    FEM Inc. is a media technology company that delivers engaging, relevant video experiences for any website or app. We deliver high performing content recommendations to your diverse audience, which means more video views and more revenue for you.


    Easy to implement and completely scalable, FEM Inc. delivers engaging, quality content where every view counts. FEM Inc.'s Prizma was sold to Gracenote in 2018.

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    A Linkedin for entertainment professionals

    Busby is an invitation-only social network where entertainment & media professionals showcase, connect and flourish.

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    Korea's Yelp!

    Based in Seoul, South Korea, MangoPlate is a mobile application for users to find personalized dining recommendations. Notable funders: SparkLabs, Softbank Ventures Korea, Qualcomm.

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    Korea's first accelerator! Now world-wide!

    SparkLabs’ mission is to help our startups succeed globally, more specifically to secure the next round of funding. SparkLabs helps startups attract not only Korean investors, but also prominent global investors. SparkLabs provides a 3-month accelerator program for seed to early-stage startups that have the potential to expand globally. http://www.sparklabsgroup.com/