• Quotable Ann!

    "In the future, the greatest artists will be mute. They will be the one's building platforms for others to express themselves!"

    -Ann Greenberg, walking with Dave Winer, 2004


    "Some music I'm happy to pay for, some you have to pay me to listen to.”

    - Ann Greenberg, in response to Napster meetings in 1999


    "Grow stories, don't tell them!”

    - Ann Greenberg, 1988


    "We need to go beyond consumption to collaborative creation. Its a model embedded in each of us!" 

    -Ann Greenberg, The Age of Co-Creation talk, 2017


    "Admit many, and admit all. Everyone can participate, get credited, and get paid. #Co-Create!

    -Ann Greenberg, Sceneplay, 2010


    "While in film school I theorized about the differences between film and video. In the mid-1900s, Sinatra’s “sound” epitomized the tube radio aesthetic; later, Elvis Presley’s shown brightest through a transistor. Just as FILM has its own aesthetic, so must VIDEO. Every age has its particular meaning, its point-of-view. Each period has masters who excel in the specific technology of their time. Decades later, I am still in wonderment over the beauty of emerging technology and art.”

    -Ann Greenberg

    (upon learning David Bowie voted Best Entertainer of the 20th Century.)


    "The future is about the breakdown of walls between traditional media. Sound and vision are ends of the same spectrum, which is more like a sphere." 

    -Ann Greenberg, 1992, upon founding ION


    "The audience is the artist." #Co-Create


    -Ann Greenberg, 1998


    "We put social network inside of media, instead of the other way around."

    -Ann Greenberg, Sceneplay, 2007


    "The Torah contains the stories told throughout Millennia. We read them over and over again, year after year. We rewind the scroll and hit repeat, again and again. Why? Because every year we change." Every time we hear a passage, it is as anew — our relationship to the material changes as a function of our evolving age, experiences, and abilities.


    The annual layering anchors our past interpretations to our current impressions. Our awareness hovers between our past and present selves, and all the iterations of being, in-between. They call Jews the people of the book. But, actually, we are the people of the spiral story.”

    -Ann Greenberg, 2002